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WHO runs 50 All-Stars?

Jon Sanders
Founder, Head Trainer

Played for Saint Mary's from 2001-2005 and overseas in Lithuania and Tawain for 5 years. Averaging over 20 points, 15 rebounds, and 5 assists per game, his versatility has earned him many accolades. Jon Sanders has been a basketball trainer, camp director, and youth basketball organizer since 2005.

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WHAT is this organization all about?

Our mission is to provide an organized well-rounded basketball program to best equip our community's youth with the tools they'll need to maximize their potential on and off the court. Our number one goal is to understandably and continuously draw the parallels between basketball and life so that our players may one day utilize the strategic determination used to reach success and excellence in basketball within their daily lives, both personally and professionally. We focus on fun and fundamentals to develop great basketball players and even greater people.

WHERE are you located?

We serve the entire Bay Area, and host games throughout the East Bay area. Our primary location is Saint Mary's College in Moraga as well as surrounding cities.

WHY the name 50 All-Stars?

50 is the number of all-stars we honor per year. These players are rated by attendance, improvement, and overall impact on the program. At the end of each year at our Awards Ceremony, these players receive prizes and much deserved recognition.

WHEN do you have events?

All year long. Join us at anytime by choosing the event type you'd like. Our members play in leagues and tournaments throughout the year. Our events are held on nearly every day of the week. Members and non-members alike may book any available event for their gender and age group they'd like.

HOW much does it cost?

Each event has its own price. Members get most everything for free. Memberships are either $900/year or $400 every 4 months. With 5 events per week, we offer at least twice as much as any other program in town. Our price also being lower than the rest is just icing on the cake. Our goal isn't to get rich; our goal is to make every player in our program better at the sport they love.

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